about the artist | rebecca floyd

I’m an artist and photographer living in Richmond, VA, with my husband Dan, our son Noah and our dog Arlo. When I first became a mother and our house began filling up with toys, I couldn’t help but notice that all the dolls were so happy. Like, really, really happy. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with being happy, I wanted my child to know that it’s okay to feel sad too. The problem was, sad dolls didn’t exist. So I decided to make one.

It was just a couple of socks and some thread but my son carried it everywhere he went. And suddenly, his friends’ moms began asking if I could make one for their children too. Then a friend of mine whose mother had just been diagnosed with cancer asked if she could have one and I realized, there really is a need for a more, shall we say, empathetic type of doll. So I created Frowny Faces, a collection of handcrafted dolls, each with its own unique design.

I hope they bring you joy or at the very least, a bit of empathy. Because life isn’t always easy. And Frowny Faces get that.